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I’ve had hubby at the ER with blood sugar levels into the ‘scary dangerous’ level (yes, he’s diabetic been diagnosed about 6 years) and there is a lot of emotion going on with that (it’s a long story, but I’m completely emotionally exhausted) and this week is the big push before clinicals and I haven’t been able to spend the time studying that I should. I have a med-surg test tomorrow covering 11 chapters.

So, that’s why I’ve missed a few days with pictures. I don’t want you guys to give up on me though, I do appreciate the comments and have enjoyed 365’ing with everyone. I’m hoping that tomorrow I’ll be back with my camera.

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Driving training stuff yesterday (classroom) and today (on the course)

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Blah says it all.

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Sleep tight

The Scientist has a lot of problems sleeping, so many that we had to put him on medication to get more than 2 hours of sleep/night. He did great for about 6 months and we’ve recently had to readjust his meds.

I tell you that so that you can appreciate how wonderful of a picture this is for me. Yes, I know I did sleeping kid pictures earlier, but this one means more.

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Just some mug shots.

Stepped outside with The Investigator quickly so I could get my shots before the sun went down and I was left struggling with poor light. Nothing too wonderful today. Poses are all her, high key look came from all the snow we STILL have.

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The first week of class one of our instructors was talking to us about prioritizing our life, especially the next 3 semesters of school. He mentioned he frequently thinks to himself “don’t let the things that matter least get in the way of the things that matter the most”

I attempted to do this as a self-family portrait but it didn’t work (those are my texts for this semester in the background being ignored.) I don’t have a wide enough lens that lets in enough light for my livingroom so I’m going to have to revisit this one. I did feel it very fitting explanation for why I didn’t post over the weekend (I worked long, busy shifts on the ambulance and spent my time home with the kids)

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Yes, I’ve actually used this camera. I love old camera equipment. Cameras, enlargers, lenses, or whatever. I think of this as a beginning of a collection, albeit a slow growing collection.

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