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Bryan, our superhero

This post has special meaning, and is less about the image and more about the subject. A friend of a friend’s son (he is 22) is facing yet another surgery because of neurofibromatosis. This time it’s scary for him and hoping for the best is hard to do when they can’t even define the worst. We’ve started an email campaign for him and we’re hoping to get him flooded with emails wishing him well.

If you would like to help, his email is rsuperhero85@yahoo.com I know there are a lot of these blogs and it takes a lot of time to go through so if comes down to sending him a quick email and leaving a comment please take the time to email Bryan

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Someone asked

When we got to run over the cones? Well, this is it. During a backing exercise and the cone got stuck between the rear tires. Yes, it is a picture from last week but I worked all weekend again and didn’t take my camera out with me.

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