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I can’t think of a title, so these would have to get filed in the ‘junk drawer’ that really isn’t full of junk but lots of treasures that don’t have a specific group they belong to (or a catchy title)

Not what I was going for, but it was requested that this one get posted anyways.

Then we went for a ride to see what we could see. These are some of the things we saw.

As an aside, I’m hating my watermarks being so intrusive on the images, but I’d hate someone stealing them even more. With the rash of image theft lately I’m going to have to learn to deal with the watermark.

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I went for a walk in the backyard, and just before sunset I have a streak of light shining through some trees that highlighted these blossoms giving me a natural dark background. Yes, now that I’ve found I’m going to try it with the kids for some backlighting.

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I still need to get The Investigator’s hands doing something but I’m not sure what yet. When I get it I’ll let you know though. I want to do these in a series, but I love The Scientist in color and The Baby in an almost black and white.

Child’s Love

Child’s Play

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I know, not the most exciting pictures but I’m posting something. I decided since this is my 365 days through my lens it should be my life as I live it. So, boring informative pictures and all here it is.

You know those big, hard to work with rolls of black stuff to put down as a weed barrier? Did you know that newspaper works just as well? It’s easier to deal with because you can layer and stack it around the plants instead of having a long roll to deal with and having to cut out for plants.

Here it is with the mulch over the top (mostly, I’m not all the way to the edge yet) We get a lot of swampy puddles here from broken rain gutters so I usually stick something in a big pot that can be moved where the calla lillies are now. I do need to find a home in the ground for the lillies soon.

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