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Love the lashes

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SS 1/320, f/4.0, 55mm (55-200 mm kit lens) ISO 400

I went for a softer conversion here rather than my typical dark and contrasty conversion. Did I manage to stay away from muddy and flat and keep it soft?

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The Investigator, The Scientist, and some neighborhood kids have set up shop. If people don’t have 50 cents they also offer smaller (think 4 oz glasses) sizes for 25 cents. They’re all about the customer after all.

I went up (they’re on the neighbors lawn) and bought a glass for me, glass for The Princess and went inside to talk to Mom. I asked if I could pay for both glasses at the same time and they had to have a conference about it. In the end, that’s ok.

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CDC guidelines say that if you were sleeping in a room with a bat that was out of the area it’s normal for them to be it counts as a possible exposure.

Yup, we’ve had The Scientist going out to the ER for the series of rabies shots. The bat has been sent off and we hear back on Wednesday (when his next shot is due BTW)

This PSA is a couple of days old, but I’ve been busy with flower pictures for the calendar.

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I found a new printer, uses fuji paper, has a lot of ‘fun’ things like keychains, calendars, the class collage ala lifetouch, mirrors etc. Their ‘normal’ offerings are amazing too. I had about 20 sample prints (one of their images) on all of the different papers/canvas/watercolor paper with all of the different finishes.

I haven’t submitted anything yet, but I think I’m hooked.

This is the back of the calendar I’m getting to sample their press printed line. I was going to print up a few for Christmas gifts and I’ve had a few others interested in purchasing them too.

You can see (or will be able to see soon) bigger web size versions of the pictures in my online portfolio, under 2008 Flower Calendar.

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Rose mallow

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My drought friendly, local flora flower bed is on the verge of adding in an ‘outsider’ who drinks a lot.

Meet rose mallow, a bush that grows 4-5′ high and 2-3′ wide. She comes in dark pink or white and the flowers are 5-6″ across. They’re huge, and beautiful.

I don’t know if I’ll end up buying one or not, they are very thirsty plants and I’m not sure where I’d put her.

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Beeeeee yourself

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or, I *really* want a macro lens. *pout*

SS 1/320, f/5.6, ISO 200

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Yeah, I’m being kind of a sentimental mush today, but I was taking pictures of the wildflowers, which this time of year are largely yellow/orange and this bachelors button stood out among all of the sunflowers and black eyed susans. He’s not loud, arrogant (yes, I personified the flowers) or overpowering. In fact, if you just rode your bike by you might not even notice him.

He does stand out among the crowd for his unique beauty though.

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