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Debating about putting this in the contest or not. I love flower shots, but in this contest a unique eye really matters and I enjoy the flowers but I don’t know that I’d call my perspective on them unique at all. Nothing stands out for me with this.

I’d love everyone’s thoughts on the matter, feel free to email me them if you want.

SS 1/2500, f2.8, ISO 200, 50mm

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Learning to swim

Originally uploaded by HDC Photography

The Investigator (and The Scientist) have had horrible excema and every time I’ve tried to go swimming they’ve instantly developed bleeding rashes so we’ve stayed away. Last year they went half a dozen times, not knowing how to swim.

The Investigator’s friend has been teaching her, but with her nose plugged (yes, I know) When my friend comes back home this fall I’m going to put her private swim lessons so I’ve been trying to teach her to blow bubbles. I don’t feel qualified to teach her much else, but I don’t want her plugging her nose either.

So, here she is swimming the length of the 5 foot pool without plugging her nose.

Yes, there will be many more pictures this fall 🙂

SS 1/4000, f1.8, ISO 200, 50 mm lens

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