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We were at the duck pond today (yes, 2 pictures from the same day I admit it) and The Investigator was taking some pictures for the fair and she noticed the ducks reflection. I could hear her say “square on the duck, make sure I have the reflection, ok”

BTW, “square on the duck” was talking about the focus point.

After her shots, I got this one and she wanted to make sure I had all of the reflection. She’ll be disappointed I missed part of it.

DD is getting very good at shooting flowers, and I was avoiding putting anything with the same subject as her in the fair but I think I might put the duck in too. I’m not sure, he’s kind of plain and nothing wonderful with him but it was hard (especially with The Princess by us) to get him this close to us, so that I could print this one big.


SS1/200, f5.6, ISO 200, and I think 200mm

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Baby Dragonfly?

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cropping as a zoom again, I want my macro lens!

This little guy was at the duck pond and at first I thought he was a tadpole in the middle of turning into a frog until I counted the legs and got a good look at his eyes. I think he’s a baby dragonfly!

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