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A couple of internet buddies have been asking more technical questions about my pictures, and photography so I’d explain which left them confused because I was speaking in photographese.

Yes, I’m aware that’s not a real word.

So I wrote a bit, a blurb (well, a LONG blurb), an article, that’s what I’ll call it! I wrote an article about photographese and covered the basics of the language and how they impact photography. I didn’t get into it all, I didn’t touch bokeh, catchlights, or any of the ‘rules’

When you are talking about photography, the written word is empty without an image to go with it so I pulled some out of my gallery to share but it’s hard to compare and contrast two completely different images so I spend today gathering stuff and finding places I could shoot for examples.

Every time I’d get something set up the pager would go off, so those few images were literally an all day project.

I’m not sharing them all, just the one I used to demonstrate slow shutter speed. I really wish the office building were elsewhere, and these are SOOC, just resized.

SS 1/3, f22, ISO 200, 50 mm


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