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I found a new printer, uses fuji paper, has a lot of ‘fun’ things like keychains, calendars, the class collage ala lifetouch, mirrors etc. Their ‘normal’ offerings are amazing too. I had about 20 sample prints (one of their images) on all of the different papers/canvas/watercolor paper with all of the different finishes.

I haven’t submitted anything yet, but I think I’m hooked.

This is the back of the calendar I’m getting to sample their press printed line. I was going to print up a few for Christmas gifts and I’ve had a few others interested in purchasing them too.

You can see (or will be able to see soon) bigger web size versions of the pictures in my online portfolio, under 2008 Flower Calendar.


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Rose mallow

Originally uploaded by HDC Photography

My drought friendly, local flora flower bed is on the verge of adding in an ‘outsider’ who drinks a lot.

Meet rose mallow, a bush that grows 4-5′ high and 2-3′ wide. She comes in dark pink or white and the flowers are 5-6″ across. They’re huge, and beautiful.

I don’t know if I’ll end up buying one or not, they are very thirsty plants and I’m not sure where I’d put her.

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