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Adjusted version

Originally uploaded by HDC Photography

I didn’t do heavy anything. Curves, contrast, saturation, levels, and light burning.

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Bee whisperer

Originally uploaded by HDC Photography

I took my “not mine” lens up the canyon today and notice a bee on some clover. Of course I had the tripod on and everything set to get the waterfall blurred. I got a couple of shots with the tripod sticking out behind my arm but went on to the waterfalls.

On the way back I stopped again to sit down by the little patch of clover and see if any other bees were hanging around. I saw one, waited for him to come closer and then they were everywhere (not in a bad scary horror movie about bees way, I was calm they were calm we were all good)

Once again, no PS’ing done other than cropping, resizing, watermark, and USM. I think I will pull this one into PS again and see what a few layers do but I wanted to post before I forgot.

Oh, if anyone is curious, when a bee lands on the lens hood you can not focus on it.

SS 1/320, f/5.0, ISO 200, 105 mm

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