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The last leaf

Originally uploaded by HDC Photography

First, about what’s going on. October got crazy insane with school projects, clinicals, and life.

Then the computer got a virus that required us to reinstall windows. Of course, I was in the middle of processing some gorgeous birth shots that I really wish I could share with you. Lots of stress, crossing fingers, and praying for my most important files to be saved and most of them were. As you can see, the watermark has changed again because it was one of the files lost.

Things are slowing down slightly on the school front and I need to looking for some more balance in my life instead of stress at every turn.

As for the photo, I don’t have my settings (bad, bad me) but this was taken about 4 pm, probably around f2.something, ap priority, with my 50 mm lens.

Fall means so much to me, and this year I’m finding it symbolic of so many things going on. It ends a season but it’s crisp, refreshing, and energizing if you can get up to going out and enjoying it.

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