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Less than a week. No more weekends until after I graduate. No more EMS shifts, no more Sundays.


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Still playing with dandelions and the magic of childhood wishes. It is very important that they be just the exact right wish.


As an aside, I imported all of my posts from blogger and some of them got messed up. I’m not going to worry about fixing them right now and I am going to try to export the ones from my WordPress blog onto blogger. I will try to keep everyone both places updated while I decide what I should do. Any feedback would be appreciated as well.

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I’m admittedly not the biggest wal-mart fan. Unfortunately in this area there really isn’t much choice. So if I have to be at wal-mart anyways I like to go past the garden center because I know who supplies a lot of their flowers, and they aren’t from China and the plants don’t come laced with lead.

I found this beauty there today.

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