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Dance like no one is watching

but I lied apparently because it does make me happy.

I was reworking a photo from last summer since I am being spotlighted on IHMMB and the one I already on Flickr had a large watermark on it. I worked it a little different, made it moodier and fit more of what I had in mind when I took the image and uploaded it.

I woke up this morning to find a bunch of comments most of them from people I didn’t know. Why? Well, it was explored and not like #499 like my interesting garlic that hung on by the skin of their clove for just a few days. I don’t know if it will be dropped or where it will stay but for now it made Explore and is getting comments. Honestly the comments mean more to me than the Explore so thanks everyone for the comments.

In other news, I have a test date. June 24th at 8 am I will be sitting in a testing center in Las Vegas taking my boards. DH had the wise idea of turning it into a family trip. Ummm, I don’t think so. We can take a celebratory family trip later.

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I’m feeling better about playing with textures, I just wish I could get past feeling like it was luck when it works.

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A little bit of back story first.

I’ve loved photography for a long time. I can’t paint, I can’t draw, I can’t sing, and oh heavens I can’t dance. Photography is the only way I am able to express myself artistically. Unless someone out there counts securing an IV with a chevron instead of tegaderm as artistic.

When I was in school doing my pre-requisite classes for the nursing program I had a vision of photography business to keep me supplied with adorable babies and charming children to photograph and to fun the ever increasing cost of my hobby.

Just as the nursing program started I found myself overwhelmed and instead of regaining my sense of style and that little bit of me in my pictures I was loosing it and my work was blending in the masses of other photographers. I stepped back a bit to deal with the reality that is full time nursing school.

In the meantime I’ve still taken pictures for a couple of friends, errrr repeat clients but nothing to keep me overwhelmed and busy.

Now nursing school is over and I’m looking at my goals for me as a nurse and I’m realizing that really putting myself out there as a photographer and promoting my business doesn’t fit so well. So, I’ll still take pictures for friends and family because I will always love photography and I’ll still build on my stock photography gallery (really, I need to fund this not so cheap hobby someway) but I’m taking down the Heather’s Captures website.

For those of you (yes, I know it’s a very short list) that I’ve told I’d take their pictures I am more than happy to and very honored that you asked. I’m keeping my account with my printer so I will still be able to provide you with the high quality prints that you’ve been use to getting.

I’m sad to pull down the website, I’d tinker with it off and on for years now. I love getting periodical emails from strangers who found my site and wanted to let me know they enjoyed looking at my work.

I’ll still have the blog, I’ll still have flickr, I just won’t have the stress.

Oh, and if anyone reading this wants to do something unusual and fun like trash the dress sessions or something else specific you have in mind please contact me, I’d love to help you get the image you want.

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squash seedlings

Weather is still cool and overcast, perfect for getting some overgrown seedlings into the ground and I was in the mood for some gardening therapy. I could spend all day out there, if only the list of things that need to be done inside magically got done.

I remember my Grandma walking around her garden every morning/evening talking to it and making sure that everything was coming along just right. When company came to visit they often got the tour, being introduced to all the plants along the way. When my Aunt and Uncle quit their jobs to move in with them and be their fulltime caregivers they made sure that they planted the garden.

That last year, the garden produced and just kept on producing. If anyone was without fresh vegetables it was only because we weren’t aware they wanted or needed some.

Up until this point I’d tried a couple of half hearted attempts at a vegetable garden but nothing really took off. When Grandma died, instead of gardening just because it’s what you do when you have extra land I felt drawn to the earth with a strong connection. I’ve always known how to garden, I grew up with a backyard garden.

It’s more than how I get my vegetables in the summer, it’s my connection to Grandma. I feel closer to her with my hands in the dirt (without gloves because those gloves don’t let you do anything, they’re fine if you need to shovel or something but not for everyday gardening) than I do anywhere else. She always had an experimental row, something that ‘doesn’t grow around here’ or that they had never tried before. I usually have something new in my garden too. I also think it’s part of why I like to share what I grow so much. Grandma planted her garden with the needs of the entire neighborhood in mind, not just hers.

Grandma, thanks for the lessons you’ve taught me and thanks for hanging out in my garden with me.

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I was itching to do a self-portrait and while thinking about what I should do to make it more than just a picture of my face I realized how empty I’ve been feeling. I’ve had the patience of a tadpole lately. The list of things I’m fed up with is a mile long. During May I have taken time for me, it’s been years since I’ve had the opportunity on a regular basis and I’m doing it while I can.

Yet I feel empty.

I want to blame my stupid pituitary gland and all the related problems including the medication induced depression. I don’t know if it’s justified or not though. I’m off meds for a few months to have lab work redrawn. I can make it through this right?


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My attempt at getting the dahlia picture into my personal top 20 images failed miserably. The dahlia is sitting at #88. Not very interesting is it? Alternatively, apparently my picture of garlic sprouts has enough interestingness to make it into Flickr Explore (just barely, and I uploaded it on the 4th and it’s just now there but hey, it’s there)

Garlic, it’s interesting.


I’m giving up on interestingness for the time being, I’d hate for curiosity to kill this cat. On the garlic sprout front though, they have grown significantly in the 2 weeks since I took that picture.

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I love it on the right image when it’s done right. I haven’t yet found my own done right.

I was playing with some textures tonight from Ghostbones and kept getting very frustrated and upset. I did find the Texture for Layers group on Flickr and joined them. They have some awesome tutorials that I hope work for me.

Anyways, this is what I got tonight


Same cemetery picture, just black and white. Be prepared to see more cemetery pictures coming up in the next few days.


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