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Is a rather interesting concept on Flickr. Some mystery formula deciding which pictures get put on Flickr Explore. I was curious but not too into it until I realized that you can see how your photos rate on interestingness compared with your other photos. Hmmm.

The other day I was out at Garden Park and took several images of flowers (I know, you are all so very shocked) and no one was interested in my Dahlia. So, I started a campaign to increase its interestingness. I had a couple of offsite links to the photopage, I sent the link to a few people as well.

My views went up to 30 and it’s interestingness is still well, not that interesting. It ranks #53 on my list of photos. So now my curiosity is piqued and I am on a mission to find the secret of interestingness. Feel free to up my view count by clicking on the Dahlia image to take you to its Flickr page.

Dahlia hortensis


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