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I’m feeling better about playing with textures, I just wish I could get past feeling like it was luck when it works.


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A little bit of back story first.

I’ve loved photography for a long time. I can’t paint, I can’t draw, I can’t sing, and oh heavens I can’t dance. Photography is the only way I am able to express myself artistically. Unless someone out there counts securing an IV with a chevron instead of tegaderm as artistic.

When I was in school doing my pre-requisite classes for the nursing program I had a vision of photography business to keep me supplied with adorable babies and charming children to photograph and to fun the ever increasing cost of my hobby.

Just as the nursing program started I found myself overwhelmed and instead of regaining my sense of style and that little bit of me in my pictures I was loosing it and my work was blending in the masses of other photographers. I stepped back a bit to deal with the reality that is full time nursing school.

In the meantime I’ve still taken pictures for a couple of friends, errrr repeat clients but nothing to keep me overwhelmed and busy.

Now nursing school is over and I’m looking at my goals for me as a nurse and I’m realizing that really putting myself out there as a photographer and promoting my business doesn’t fit so well. So, I’ll still take pictures for friends and family because I will always love photography and I’ll still build on my stock photography gallery (really, I need to fund this not so cheap hobby someway) but I’m taking down the Heather’s Captures website.

For those of you (yes, I know it’s a very short list) that I’ve told I’d take their pictures I am more than happy to and very honored that you asked. I’m keeping my account with my printer so I will still be able to provide you with the high quality prints that you’ve been use to getting.

I’m sad to pull down the website, I’d tinker with it off and on for years now. I love getting periodical emails from strangers who found my site and wanted to let me know they enjoyed looking at my work.

I’ll still have the blog, I’ll still have flickr, I just won’t have the stress.

Oh, and if anyone reading this wants to do something unusual and fun like trash the dress sessions or something else specific you have in mind please contact me, I’d love to help you get the image you want.

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