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Lemon boys, I also have some Mr. Stripey fruits starting. BLT’s and bowls full of tomatoes here I come!

Tomatoes 06-07-08

Also, I think I have it all figured out how to make my blog appear to be more of a 365 blog rather than bursts of random pictures blog. So to just be very transparent and up front, no I will not be blogging on days I’m working but you will have something new to look at.


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Just seeing if I can do a delayed post. If this shows up on Sunday instead of Saturday I’ll be happy and will have figured out the solution to my “too busy a few days a week to make this a true 365 blog” problem.

Delicate beauty

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When you are little and it the week before Christmas every day drags on for what feels like a week. Time seems to by so slow you aren’t sure if Christmas will ever actually be here. Logically you know it is coming but it just doesn’t feel very reassuring. You start to wonder if there have ever been years that Christmas got tired of waiting around too and never came.

That isn’t how this week was long.

I am through with my orientation with at the hospital and I start my intern rotations on Monday with medical oncology. I will still have 3 hour classes on Thursday but I can deal with that. Classes all day long every day all week was getting to me.

As a reward for making it through last week I am breaking my NCLEX rule today. I haven’t studied, I haven’t done a practice test, I haven’t even touched my Hurst book and I’m ignoring an email from our ATI lady is how far entrenched I am into not having studied today.

I dislike the busy ground with this one, the blurbs of bokeh light are very distracting. With my schedule this may be best shot I get of my irises this summer though.

The Trio

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Well bummer

I’ve promised myself no processing pictures unless I’ve at least pretended to study for the NCLEX for that day. Yes, as you can imagine this has left me with a backlog of pictures. I did some questions for the night and sat down to process some pictures and upload them to flickr. Well, it won’t let me upload.

I did want to let you know when I’m not posting it’s not because I’ve vanished off of the face of the earth, it’s because I’m not studying. After all, not studying is what I do best.

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