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I’m not positive yet, so I’m not going to say definitively, but I have to say something to someone. Since I know there are lots of someones (yes, said with heavy sarcasm) who read here I’m going to not mention it here.

I have several ways that I identify myself. Some of them are forever (I will never not be a Mom) some of them I hope are forever, others I wish would go away.

It’s come time to move away from one of those that I had hoped would be forever, I think. I’m going to try to sleep on it though.

My Aunt needs help taking care of my Grandfather and the little bit I have helped has been an enormous time drain. There were times in my search to find myself that what I was doing (typically school) needed to come before family stuff (really, the laundry doesn’t go anywhere if you deal with it after all of your major papers are due) and now that I’m through with school I need to rebudget my time again and put my time where it is most important.


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