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I learned today just how true that is once you catch the EMS bug.

I have been juggling too many balls to keep them all in the air and something had to go. There was nothing on the “things I don’t like doing” list that was allowed to go (I tried hard to justify housework, but I couldn’t) and when I went through the whole list the only thing that made sense to let go is the thing I enjoy the most. I’m no longer running on the ambulance.

I truly credit running with pulling me out of a depression, giving me a love for patient care, and whatever it is about EMS that no one seems to be able to accurately describe but everyone knows what you are referring to if they have experienced it.

I thought I’d gotten all of my tears about resigning out the past week and thought I could handle it a little bit better than I did, but no it didn’t work that way. As I was on my way out of my supervisors office the director over the entire program came in and it started all over.


It feels so weird, I’m sitting here listening to my pager go off and realizing that soon that won’t be happening anymore. I feel very much like I’ve lost a part of ‘me’ and my identity is missing a big chunk. I had a couple of ideas of what image to stick with this post, but I’m stuck at home with a sick car (again!) and a major creative slump and lack of desire to shoot my way out of it just yet.


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