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The Informer has been wanting her ears pierced for a long time. It’s amazing how these things happen with younger kids so much earlier.

We’ve told her ‘when you go into Kindergarten’ for a long time now and well, it’s here. She’ll be able to change the earrings out on her birthday.

her ears speak


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It seems that things come in waves. Right now, it is death and dying in all of it’s forms.

From the elderly who are slowly shutting down system by system and are prepared to join the grandchild, daughter, and two wives that have preceded him in death to a patient who is fighting with every ounce of strength she has to triumph over her disease process to the young, healthy children taken so quickly on their way home from a weekend away.

This summer has been full of tragic accidents, and accidents that could have been so very tragic but instead everyone walked away from. It’s just not logical.

I know it’s not for me to know, but so much does make sense. Those prepared and wishing to pass are left here suffering and those so full of life and dreams are taken from us.

Those around me who are grieving, my heart goes out to you.

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Sorry no pictures

Make sure you are sitting for this news.

I’ve been too busy to get out shooting.

I know, it’s horrible isn’t it? I am less busy than I was while school was going on but I have less time when I’m thinking “I need to do something for me before I implode” Things are settling down now, I have a ‘home’ floor working Medical Oncology and I love it. The staff is great, I haven’t yet ran into an “eat-their-young” nurse on this floor. Unlike a lot of the other floors the patients are in the hospital for a longer time which I have decided I enjoy. It is nice to be able to form a stronger relationship with them than if they were only in for 36 hours or so.

Hopefully I’ll have some new pictures soon, I am off and Friday and I need to be out shooting something for the fair.

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4th of July

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