Archive for December 31st, 2008

I have been reflecting the past few weeks and I realize that I do have a good life. It’s not glamorous, flashy, or even a little bit famous but I am proud of what I have accomplished and who I am.

I had a patient yesterday who has reminded me of why I got into nursing in the first place. It’s not the med pass, starting the IV, or having an accurate account of I/O’s that make the difference. Being present for others when they need something, listening even when they aren’t speaking those are what matter even in life outside the hospital. It’s so easy to get caught up in passing your meds on time, thorough assessments, phone calls to the pharmacy for clarification, getting the kids to all their activities on time, cleaning the house, running the errands that we forget to stop and just listen, listen to what isn’t being said. Being present, in that moment, to help someone else along their journey makes a difference in the world.


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