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Hmmm, Interesting


I don’t know how many times I’ve told a patient “that’s interesting” not because I was hiding some big secret but because some things are just well, interesting. I try to not do it much because it doesn’t give the patient much information about your thought process. Honestly though, sometimes there isn’t much to give especially as a nurse I frequently pass information along to the physicians who figure out the more interesting things.

I will do my best from this point forward to never use the word interesting when a patient is talking about their symptoms or what has been going on with them medically.

Why?!? Well interesting is my new least favorite word.

I do think it is important to know that I don’t disagree, The Scientist is very interesting. I knew that before I made the trip to SLC. Fortunately interesting is now getting looked into.

Monday morning we started at 0900. Some of the testing the school district had done was some that she had planned on doing so that would save us some time and it was possible that we might get everything done on Monday.

I go sit out in the waiting room and start formulating plans for my suddenly free day in the city but not a lot of money for non-necessities. By 1100 the psychologist came back out with more assessments for me (feel free to insert sarcastic excitement here) and said that she had added some assessments she wanted to do and that we would be pushing to get done in both days.

I lost count the number of times she said interesting while scribbling down notes, and at the end of Tuesday when I talked with her she had a stack of things he had done that were interesting.

She also added a pain tolerance test (anyone have any real insight here for me?) to the list of other testing she would like done but needs a referral from our PHP.

[for those wondering about the flower bud, I feel and hope we are just on the cusp of everything opening up to us. I don’t know what’s on the side yet, much like when I planted the mystery seeds that turned into that bud]

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