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Life Marches On

If only there were a button to pause life occasionally, or aspects of life.

I haven’t been home for more than a few awake hours since Thursday (not Thursday the 23rd, the Thursday before that) but life has gone in the house. My house is such a disaster that I honestly don’t know even where to start. I want to spent the day on the computer figuring out why my Flickr buttons aren’t working and catching up with people who have given me support just when I needed it the most.

While I’ve been hyper focused on what is going on with The Scientist life all around me has gone on. Clothes need to put through the wash, dishes are piled in the sink and stuff is everywhere. Somehow the Christmas tree hasn’t managed to take itself down either. I’m a little afraid to look through backpacks at homework left undone. Paul’s plant is still looking at closing, major layoffs, or cutting back on hours.

So, today I suck it up and try to find a way to return to normal, or at least my normal.

I am going to go shooting later today though, and I hope to figure out the Flickr button.


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