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I Am ….

I am reading!

This milestone effectively ends the days of being able to ask if we should go get i-c-e-c-r-e-a-m ever again.

I Am....reading!


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Occasionally someone will say something that I have a hard time letting go.

We have some new grad nurses orienting to the hospital, some of them I know from school. One of them asked me on Friday why I was so nice all the time and never yelled after I told my CNA “I’m sorry”

I was a bit taken back, and my patience for tolerating other people has been down this week. Things that don’t typically bug me I had a hard time moving past.

I told him that I said I was sorry because I got interrupted from what I was originally doing (computer charting in the room) and didn’t go back and log out so she had to come find me before she could do her job. Anytime I needlessly make someone else do more because I did less I’m going to be sorry about it. I try to make it easier for my CNA not harder.

He did that mentally rolling your eyes thing that since I’ve gotten a tween I’m getting better at recognizing.

I should have let it go, but just couldn’t.

I told him that being nice and doing nice things makes me happy and I like being happy. Yelling makes no one feel good, and even if there is a problem that needs to be addressed it isn’t an effective way to deal with it.

I think I’m stuck on this because I’m finding myself yelling more at home, and I don’t like it, it’s not effective, and it makes everyone miserable. Who uses nice as a insult anyways?

Please Monday, hurry up and get here.

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