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On the list of things we’re doing, appointments we are setting up for The Scientist is a pain tolerance test.

The day it was mentioned to me I was on massive information overload, but felt reasonably sure that the questions I did have I also had the textbooks and connections to find at least generic answers. I’ve found some solid information on what a pain tolerance test includes, thanks DrGreene! and none on where to go for one. I did find out how to do your own home pain tolerance test without all the medical expense and silly monitoring gadgets — let me know if you’re interested.

It’s ok that I didn’t know and couldn’t find anything, that’s why we have primary physicians right? I put in a call to see if we needed to come in for a referral (we were in just 2 weeks earlier for the sole purpose of getting referred for most of the other list of appointments Mike needs, and told to call if there was anything else needed) and the receptionist said that she’d just ask but that she thought we should be fine without an appointment. Finally, I catch a break to make it a little easier on me.

She just called me back to let me know that the doctor doesn’t know either. At least it’s just not me being deficient in an area I should know more about.

If there are webpages dedicated to doing your own home pain tolerance test without all the medical expense and gadgets, surely clinical pain tolerance tests must exist out there somewhere. I am still baffled as to why anyone would want or need a home pain tolerance test.

If a clinician needs the information they are going to want it with the gadgets and monitoring gizmos, and I can’t imagine having a desire for that information for your own personal needs.

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