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I’m interesting too

I had an appointment for me today, to find out which allergens are bothering me and what we should do about them.

Apparently there are none, instead I get to be interesting in much the same way as The Scientist is interesting.

That’s the short, pleasant version. The long version involves much ranting about how can I get feeling better if I don’t know what’s wrong, but I’ll spare you that grief.

I went to Star Nursery to look around, and got so taken by how beautiful everything was and not windy that I forgot to take any pictures. I did get some on the way home though.

This is part of my daily commute (well, on days I work anyways)


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I’m on the hunt for a name for my garden and would love suggestions. Heather’s garden just doesn’t have the ring to it I’d like.

Broccoli are in the ground. These aren’t the ones that I started from seed, these were the tall, lanky root bound seedlings that came from wal-mart (trying to direct Paul on picking out healthy plants when he called excited and wanted to bring something home was an adventure) Thyme and sage are come back, my basil is a maybe but I’m not pulling it yet and there is chocolate mint in there that looks pretty hopeless but I’ve never seen mint not come back so I’m leaving it be too.

broccoli and herbs

Eventually I want to make my front SFG beds all into herbs, but I need some new beds out back first. For now the veggies grow in the front.

Inside things are coming along nicely. If it continues so well I’ll have tomato plants to be giving away.

laundry greenhouseI

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Happy Purple Day!


I’ve noticed that most of my purple pictures are of flowers. I love being outside tending to my flower beds or vegetable gardens. My allergies have kept me inside enough this spring, and it’s early enough in the spring that not all of my purple pictures this week are new.

Cassidy, I’m thinking of you today and amazed by all you’ve accomplished with your idea for Purple Day.

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At least I think it’s a hyacinth…

Mystery Bulb

Don’t forget to wear purple tomorrow!

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Grape Hyacinth

My birthday present to myself was to ignore the housework that desperately needs some attention and to go out hunting purple. Spring is just barely hitting this far north so it wasn’t the easiest hunt. Daffodils are up, but I’ve never seen a purple daffodil. Crocuses here or there, but not reliably anywhere. I was out walking in the neighborhood I found these grape hyacinth hanging out with the daffodils.

Why purple? Yes, it is one of my favorite colors but that is not the motivation for posting purple this week. Purple Day on March 26th is my motivation. You can read more from Cassidy on the DrGreene.com blog Perspectives

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Just a little update on The Scientist.

We’re through with most of our appointments for a while (meaning 3 weeks). We’ve seen the psychologist (neuro-psych eval), the audiologist (auditory processing disorder), the pulmonologist (sleep study), and the psychiatrist (medication management). Everyone but the pulmonologist was in SLC, some of them we’ve seen multiple times. I’m exhausted and sick of the road.

The Scientist did test positive for auditory processing disorder (APD), meaning that while his ears hear fine his brain hears things wrong. The testing for APD was amazing and appealed to my science geeky side. He sat in an audiologist sound proof room (I don’t know what they are really called, I hope you know what I’m talking about) and the audiologist and I were in another room connected with a mirror and sound equipment so we could talk and he could not hear us or if it was on he would be able to hear. They played a tape with different words coming at him from different directions and he had to respond with what he heard. He didn’t miss a large number of them, but the ones he missed were significant. Fortunately there is a computer program to recognize significant patterns in which words/directions/sounds are being missed.

Recommendations from APD point of view are having an FM system in the classroom and The Listening Program. I’m hoping that our FSA account will pay for it, otherwise we’ll have to wait a while and I’m done waiting.

The pulmonologist started him on neurontin and iron supplements (his ferritin level was low, well WNL but low for her cut off for kids who are symptomatic) and it’s been working wonders. It’s made a big impact not just on his sleep but throughout the whole day. Our last trip to SLC we left the meds at home and while he still slept, I could tell he didn’t get the quality sleep that he does with the meds.

The psychiatrist went off on kids on neurontin before I was even able to say how well it was working for him and some of the specific changes I’d seen. I didn’t really care for her bedside manner, but we’re going to her for medication management not therapy so I’ll deal with it for now (just so long as she doesn’t take away the neurontin) She also started him on Vyvanse.

This is where the story gets entertaining.

We are on day 2 of Vyvanse and this morning was amazing. The Scientist was picking up before I even finished getting the words out of my mouth that he needed to, and he picked up more than I asked. The insight this kid has is amazing to me. He came up and said how weird it was that when I asked him to picked up he just did it. He also mentioned that it feels strange to just do what is asked without waiting until people are angry and upset with him.

It’s weird and feels strange from this end too. I’m sure I’ll adjust though.

So many of the things he has said through all of this have amazed me. I couldn’t figure out why he was working so hard for the psychologist and decided it was because she has been trained on how to get the most out of kids and obviously does a wonderful job of it.

That wasn’t it, he worked so hard because in his words “what’s wrong with me Momma” He knew that something was different and equated different with wrong. When we talked about things we discussed good days/bad days not “what’s wrong”

This entire journey has been weird and feels strange.

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The tomatoes were outgrowing their little peat pellets


So they got transferred into bigger pots so they could grow a little bit more before they go outside.


Contrast of the healthy seedlings and the ones that haven’t changed at all since they sprouted. The ones are the right are going out to the compost pit today.


Gourds are looking nice and healthy. I’m more hopeful for them this year than others.


Stores are finally starting to get plants in. Paul picked up a couple of artichokes and some broccoli.


I put the peas in to soak and they should go in the ground but the wind has picked up and my allergies are horrible right now.

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