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Snow -- 30 Days of Gratitude

I’m grateful for snow {on days I’m not driving down the black ridge in it at 5 am} and the air of excitement and fun it brings. I’m also grateful for 4 wheel drive even if it is the never-say-die Back To The Future mobile.

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When I decided to use pseudonames for the kids on my blog I didn’t have to stop and think about hers much.

She’s always investigating everything, from wanting to know all the details of a conversation to figuring out what’s for dinner (food is for dinner, food I said!)
The Investigator -- 30 Days of Gratitude

She’s recently hit a new stage that I was afraid for a long time. The Middle Schoolers aka “Tweens”

She’s gone from playing with friends to hanging out and there is a boy I hear about often. I’m handling this stage of childhood much better than I handled the toddler/preschool years.

She’s entertaining to sit down and conversation with that doesn’t involve cartoons or make believe. I still think it’s all happening too fast, but since I can’t stop it I’ll take a breath (or several!) and enjoy it.

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Birds -- 30 Days of Gratitude

Each morning there are a few dozen of these birds outside my window chattering at each other and I’ve been trying to get picture of the branches loaded with them but they are a bit skittish.

Or a lot skittish.

I’ll occasionally toss some bird seed out on the front lawn and sit and enjoy watching them, up until the second they see a hint of my camera and then they fly off.

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First Amendment -- 30 Days of Gratitude

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I am thankful for so much of the First Amendment, and had thought of photographing a protest for the Freedom of Speech aspect, but living where I do there’s not much going on in the way of protests and I’m just as grateful for Freedom of Religion.

Not just the freedom for people to go worship in whichever church they wish, but for those who worship outside of a church or in their own individual way.

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Curiosity -- 30 Days of Gratitude

I’m grateful for curiosity (at least most days)

Why are the sunflower stems pokey? Why can’t I eat these sunflower seeds? Why are we walking home? (well so you can ask more questions of course!)

Occasionally the why’s are replaced by the did you knows.

Did you know I promises Mrs. Robb a puppy for her birthday? It’s tomorrow Mom, can we go get her a puppy?

Mike’s curiosity is fascinating to watch. When he focuses on figuring something out you can almost hear the gears turning in his head. I’ve come home to a disassembled bike, PVC pipes, wheel barrow, and an old outdoor toy all set up with the hose to get water from one side of the yard to the swimming pool.

Yes, the hose would have reached but what’s the fun in that?

Charlet’s curiosity as she learns to navigate the world of tweens, cell phones, and boys is exciting as well.

I don’t remember the why stage and I don’t think I ever cared enough about how things work to pull them apart but I do remember leaving toys behind for music, phone calls, make up and trading “going to go play” for “hanging out”

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That’s a different version of the same picture that I posted in the Flickr group. I decided I liked that you couldn’t tell I’d taken it by holding the camera in front of me pushing the shutter button and hoping for the best.

I’m grateful for me. Not in a self absorbed way, but more of a grateful for the life I’ve lived, including the rough patches and that I have the perspective I do. I’m grateful that I’m able to put myself in someone else’s shoes and usually understand their point of view (I don’t always agree, but that’s another matter entirely)

I’m also grateful that I found out today that my remote doesn’t work on my D300 before I went out and attempted family pictures with it.

I have a lot of photography friends who do amazing self portraits, and me — well not so much. I either end up having one the kids release the shutter and end up not getting exactly what I want or I get the {social networking site of your choice} profile picture.

I’m looking forward to somehow, someway getting better self-portraits.

And now, I’m off to update my facebook profile picture.

When I processed it into black and white I liked it better visually (my skin almost always looks better in black and white and the glasses glare was less intrusive) and debated about if I should swap out the pictures.

As I got thinking about living in a world where everything is black and white and surely, that must be easier than what I’m doing now — right? The black and white world still isn’t black and white, it’s all shades of gray and it’s okay that way. That’s what makes life beautiful.

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Sunshine -- 30 days of Gratitude: Day 4

I’m grateful for sunshine, even on the coldest of days being able to walk in the sunshine lifts ones spirit in ways that nothing else is able to do.

After this afternoon I’m also grateful for how much easier it is to capture sunbeams on an evening sun rather than midday sun.

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I am thankful for the right to vote, and to those who exercise that right.

Sometimes you it’s a vote for someone you think will do a good job, other times it’s a vote against someone with ideas you disagree with but either way it’s a vote. The right to vote wasn’t over in one easy battle either, minorities had to fight for it long after white males had the right.

This wasn’t a heated earth shaking election like last year, but local elections can and do have an impact on your life.

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Gratitude Day #2

I’m grateful for fall. So many things about fall are a sensory seekers perfect season. The crunchy leaves beneath your feet, the crisp air, smell of snow in the near future.

The early snowstorm this year stole our leaves in town, and the ones on the ground aren’t as crunchy as normal but they still make me smile as I shuffle through the deepest part of them. Hopefully they dry out enough that we get to play in a pile of them before it snows again.

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Warmth -- 30 days of gratitude Day 1

We woke up to snow, not quick skiff in the morning that is gone by 10 but a it’s been snowing for 2 days snow.

I’ve been huddled up inside with hot cocoa, a book, fire in the fireplace with a pan of cinnamon warming on top.

The kids have loved every moment of it, because of hats, scarves, mittens, snow boots, and big thick socks.

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