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Playing with GIMP

Long sordid story short, in my hiatus I’ve lost my access to photoshop (feel free to grumble and groan with me) so in the meantime I’m playing with GIMP. I did some pictures of my niece last month that are serving as my playground.

Lindsey, totally overblown (sorry Linds)


converted using grayscale — blah (I had a feeling I wouldn’t care for it, grayscale never carries much punch with it)




(more to come later, dinner prep is calling)

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Back behind the lens

Around Christmastime I had several acquaintances and friends ask me to do some pictures for them for cards. I was surprised since I hadn’t been shooting in well…forever. I’m trying to tap back into the artistic side of me (which the only artistic part of me is my photography) and part of the beginning back down that round was Amber’s family at Wood’s Ranch in new snow.


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A few sheets to pull off of the furniture and windows to open to air out the place.

I’ve been gone for a while as things in my life settled down (don’t worry, they aren’t yet!) Because it’s a photoblog, here is one I took from my Grandfather’s backyard after his house burned down (the day before his funeral)

Sunflower head

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