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By the time spring decides to come and {mostly} stay we’ve gone around the winter/spring turn stall so much I’m dizzy. Welcome to Utah 🙂

I am finding more and more spring color on my walks though, I came across these today after snow and high wind warnings earlier today.

Hello Spring?!?

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Crocus are the bravest of all the flowers. They push out of the still frozen ground and sleepy winter to brighten up the earth. They put forth their best face and brighten the world around them even when there is snow outside.

Yellow Crocus

Purple Crocus

Purple Crocus

These were taken on the 9th, I’m passing a lot more crocus on my walks now and even an occasional daffodil.

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Solitude for the weary

I got to St George a little bit early a few weeks ago and walked around the temple with my camera. As I came around to the staircases facing east there was a runner resting on the steps. I don’t know how far he’d come, how use to running he was, if it was his first time running or if he is preparing for the upcoming Ironman. I do know he looked tired and like he had given everything he had to give and had stopped for some peace and solitude.

How often in our life are we able to stop and find solitude or do we just keep running?

Rest for the running

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