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New Rules

Single parents shouldn’t be allowed to get sick.  Ever.  I was up all night trying not to cough up my toenails. (Thanks Mom for giving me your coughing abilities)   This morning my face was puffy enough I couldn’t open both eyes.  Early afternoon I was able to drag myself into Instacare. The fact I was willing to go to Instacare is similar Charlet’s hand hurting enough she couldn’t text.

Verdict?  I’m sick.  Abx, inhalers and cough syrup — the kind that tastes like liquid death.

I ran to Wal-mart on Saturday to stock up on tissues and pick up stuff to do semi-homemade chicken noodle soup.  Came home and called Mildred to see if she would be able to make a few phone calls I promised Bonnie I’d make and she ended up bringing me some soup. I think her soup will do me more good than the liquid death syrup.  Definitely does my heart good.

After a nice nap there was a knock on the door and Joy had brought me some soup too. Yay!  It’s amazing what something as simple as soup does for chasing away the loneliness. 


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Nothing quite like being on the wrong side of the camera for a little while to want to get back on the right side.  Which leads to equipment jealousy (I am down to my 2 kit lenses.  My little 50 mm broke and the others disappeared) and frustration with the lack of photoshop.

It’s just in time for me to start thinking about my 30 Days of Gratitude anyways, and I’ve learned nothing past Novembers if it isn’t that I have to start ahead and just post on the day.  So here we go, me starting to play around again.

Red Cliffs, Fall 2012

Red Cliffs

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