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I enjoy spring, it’s thrilling and exciting. Full of new life and finds me ready for sunshine and dirt underneath my fingernails.

I absolutely love fall. It makes me feel warm, safe and cozy. Soups {in a bread bowl, pretty please}, layers, hoodies, fire in the fireplace and warm blankets to snuggle under. It brings with it the need to pull everyone around me close and keep everyone feeling warm and safe.

Today was an absolutely beautiful fall day, I walked down to Little Brick House for the second day in a row {hey, we missed our regular lunch a few weeks ago I am just making up for that} and between finally feeling better and the warm fall air surrounding me it was just perfect. Leaves crunching under my feet, a comfy sweater and smile on my face. Welcome Fall, please feel free to hang around for a while. (photo from last years 30 Days of Gratitude, I plan on replacing it soon)

 Day 1 -- My Neighborhood

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