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Life Goes On

I think it’s interesting how no matter what is flying around you life manages go keep going forward. {At this very moment I want to define life as laundry, dishes, etc but this works for a more realistic definition too}

Saturday of General Conference I was put on call.  On call hadn’t been in my vocabulary for a long time.  Working 4+ shifts a week and exhausted had though.  Gary had extra tickets to Conference and being home on call when I could be road tripping with them to General Conference was killing me a little inside.  I’ll skip the details but I called in every favor I held to be able to go and I think I am going to owe people for a long time.  It’s okay, it was worth it.  Did I mention the week leading up to that I got very little sleep?  Every thing my sleep was interrupted for was worth it.
End of September I started to get a mild winter is coming type cold.  A little stuffy, a random cough, once in a while a very mild sinus headache.  Sometimes it slowed me down a little but it was far from stopping anything.  The night of the 12th that came to a screeching halt when I woke up with non-stop coughing fit at ‘o dark thirty that lasted hours.  Two different flavors of abx, some liquid death cough syrup, couple of inhalers later I’m still sick.  I can at least function now, the exploding sinus pain is gone and feeling like I was hit by a train is just a memory {think, two years ago I was dealing with this chronically — yikes} I’m far from better though, I still cough constantly — liquid death or not and I’m exhausted from how much work it is.  But, life goes on. 

The last ten days haven’t been completely lost, I’ve spent insane amounts of time planning what I’m going to do with the wall I’m putting our pictures from P&G Photography on, which leads to what should I do with the rest of the room?  Until I change my mind again I’m painting the walls warm caramel and the bookshelves dark.  The front room opens up wide into the dining room.  What should I do in there?  Can you see where this goes?  Never mind the couple of hours it took to decide which images to print and I had a lot of help when picking.  Meanwhile as I’m living in some alter fantasy photography world life still goes on.
It was so easy to forget that I’m a single Mom and housework just doesn’t do itself, to toy with the idea of being someone I’m not, to experience what I didn’t think was possible.  Part of me wants to blame the cough syrup, but I’m going to refrain.  Dishes have to be washed, laundry needs attention, bathroom needs to be scrubbed.  The last two weeks have been a little surreal and unfortunately the must be done details of my life typically take up all of the time.  If I add anything in, from shopping for clothes for our pictures or daydreaming about what I’d do with the house with an unlimited budget {or even a limited one — having a budget for it would just be nice} something is being neglected, ignored, or just plain forgotten {hello class I had to go to St George to make up!} I don’t know if I’ll ever have a better grasp on time management, especially while I’m working night shift but I do hope that at some point not forever down the road I manage to have some kind of social life that doesn’t include working, meetings, or required attendance.  Meanwhile, life goes on — the dryer just dinged at me, time to go switch laundry around.

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