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There isn’t anything…

I remember when I was about Charlet’s age and there was some huge teenage disaster that had befallen on my life {I had no truly disastrous things happen to me, it was most likely along the lines of not being able to go to a football game because we had a volleyball game at the same time} Grandpa told me “there isn’t anything in life so bad that there isn’t some good somewhere”

Of course then he was wrong, surely the end of the world was just around the corner.  Right?

Well, the world didn’t end and life went on.  I no longer remember the devastating events that prompted the lesson but the lesson keeps finding ways back into my heart, typically with a smile on my face remembering how his big hands could completely cover mine, how comfortable it was sitting in his lazy boy with him {this went far beyond being a little girl, I don’t know how we both sat in that chair for so long but I wouldn’t trade it for anything now}, and how much better warm mush in the mornings tasted on a cold winter morning at his house than it ever did at home.

This morning was one of those times.  I worked last night, even did some computer work for the critical care modules that I have to do {2 am is not the time to try to be pulling facts about the RAA system and what tubule does what in the kidney} when I got home from dropping Michael off for band I was exhausted.  I almost had 2 hours that I could sleep before I went to my eye appt with Dr Albrecht.  I set 3 alarms and hoped that it was one of those days that 2 hours feels like 10.  It wasn’t.  It felt like about 15 minutes.

I force myself out of bed, rubbed some water on my face to make my eyes open and decided that I wasn’t getting dressed and put together for one appointment and was out the door.  As I backed out the driveway and looked over my left shoulders for college students walking to class I noticed the neighbors tree perfectly catching the morning sun on it’s golden leaves.  It brought a smile to my exhausted face and tired eyes.

Then Grandpa was with me and I knew no matter how tired I am, how expensive this week has been, how difficult the last 2 weeks have been there is going to be some good if you look hard enough and everything is going to be just as it is suppose to be.

A couple of disclaimers about this post.  It’s a life lesson that is important to me and has pulled me through a lot of things I didn’t think I could get through, I’m not telling anyone else that they should feel the same.  It’s also very important that I am the one who finds the good, if someone else points it out to me I’m likely to come back with some snarky comment {it may not make it out of my mouth, but I promise it’ll be there} and have an overall impression of “they just don’t get it” and that in general changes my views on whatever kind of relationship we have.

 If I don’t get called in tonight I’m going to see if I can find a similar scene tomorrow with my camera in hand.


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