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October Conference 2012

I won’t go into all the details of how crazy trying to pull it all off was, sufficient to say that I have awesome coworkers that make feeling as overworked and burned out as I’ve been feeling worth it — because they literally covered for me this weekend at the last minute to give me a wonderful opportunity.

I packed in about 15 minutes, made it with mostly everything and nothing vital was missing.  I was ready to go and had no idea how we were getting there, where we were staying or any of those picky little details that matter.  I just knew I was going.

Going to Conference instead of watching Conference is like going to a (insert your favorite sport) game instead of watching it on tv.  TV version you have a better picture, can see more about what is going on etc but the excitement that runs down your spine when you step into the stadium seating completely wipes out anything that the better view would give you.

Conference is the same thing, only magnified.  When I was a Senior in High School we went with seminary council and it was an amazing experience.  This was pre-conference center and I remember sitting on the hard benches in the Tabernacle listening to Music and The Spoken Word after having been up since what was 2 am in my memory to line up for tickets (who am I kidding, I didn’t sleep at all that night).  The tired left quickly when the stands started to fill with General Authorities and then President Hinckley.  I don’t remember any specifics of what was said that Conference, but I’ll never forget how I felt.

Being older, I was grateful for the extra leg room and comfy seat in the Conference Center — along with the tickets we had ahead of time so there was no line up crazy early to get tickets.  Long after I’ve forgotten what was said at this Conference I’ll remember the feeling of sitting in the Conference Center with family (my kids weren’t able to go — I was with Gary, Felisa, Mina, Jaron and the boys)  I’d love to take the kids up sometime, I don’t know how likely it is for me to be able to go to Conference again anytime soon but there was so much I’d liked to have been able to stay up and see if it wasn’t for the responsibilities for us back at home.


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I realize that I’m completely over the top happy — deal with it or go read elsewhere.

Remember my post about how to pick your photographer?  This is a follow up of how you know you picked the right one.  When I was more actively learning about photography (why oh why did I stop?  Oh yeah, nursing school sufficiently sucks the life out of you — I’d forgotten about that)  I’d hear other photographers talk about providing their clients with an experience, not just pictures.  I think it’s one of those vague things that is hard to say “this is how you do it” and for some people it just comes naturally.  I felt like that today.  It’s difficult within the bounds of how/why I started this blog to say just how perfect today was, even though after everything leading up to this made me wonder if today was the best day or not.

So, in list form.  How you know that you found The photographer.

  • Kids won’t stop talking about next time already.  Kaede’s practicing smiling again — I need to go find a picture of her picture smile to stick in here.
  • Walk away feeling more confident in yourself (I have no explanation for how this happens, it just does)
  • Gain a friend in the photographer.  I believe that in most relationships whether in your physician or your photographer and everyone inbetween that having that personal click is important.  Relaxing and feeling comfortable is important and I don’t know about you but I don’t feel comfortable around people that I don’t click with.  Or worse, if there is an anti-click.
  • Find yourself anxiously waiting to be able to see the end result.
  • You didn’t just get your pictures taken, you had an experience.

For now I sit and patiently {or not so patiently} wait for the end result.  I usually kind of dread seeing pictures of me because I know they’re going to be horrible.  I’m usually so much more comfortable playing behind the camera instead of in front of it but after today, maybe both sides isn’t such a bad thing?

If you want the full long version of why this afternoon was absolutely perfect I’ll share, but be prepared for 12 year old squeals.


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For those of you who aren’t on my Facebook or I haven’t talked to yesterday you may have missed the fact that I’m completely over the top excited about getting our pictures done next Monday.  We haven’t had professional pictures done since Michael was a baby and never since I started getting passionate about photography.  Or picky, either word is appropriate.

With everything we’ve been through the last couple of years I really wanted some nice family pictures, but the photographers work I was interested in the price range was out of my budget and those in my price range I wasn’t interested in (see picky comment above)  Last week while browsing Facebook I saw a picture my friend was tagged in and I literally stopped scrolled, stared at the screen and said “ohhhhhh”  It was beautiful.  Perfect DOF, scenery was beautiful (they live in Southern Utah so of course it was) and it was perfectly soft and focused at the same time.  I kept going back to it.  I wanted to pluck them out, and put me in their place.  I went to the photographers FB page and continued to fall in love.  I’ve seen their prints around town — they have some beautiful ones up at the Natural History Museum at SUU.  I had no idea they did people pictures too.  Not just “oh yeah sure, I’ll shoot cousin Jane’s wedding because I’m nice like that but really I haven’t shot people since I had to so wish us all luck!” but great people shots.

The more I looked the more I knew this is who I wanted.

I called and we’re set up for next Monday (yeah!) at Wood’s Ranch, Michael gets to bring his fishing pole.  Kids aren’t natural little models so I think this may be a fun adventure.


So, how did I decide on them?  How do I know that they are the ones for me?  (Ones because there are two halves to P&G.  G does the shooting, P does the editing)  It comes down to a few things, some more linear than others.

  • They fit in my budget, and are willing to work with me there.  No insane sitting fee with required $500 print purchase.  At the same time, you want to avoid someone claiming to be a professional and giving away their time.  I’ve shot for a few families and not charged much, but I don’t profess to be a professional — for good reason, I’m not.  You want someone who values their work.
  • You don’t want to change their portfolio pictures.  If what you see is close to, or in my case exactly, what you want it’s a good match.  I kept browsing local photographers portfolios and thinking “well, if it wasn’t hypersaturated, over processed, and every eye popping tutorial available online ran on the picture I might like it”  Not a good match.  At the same time if you are looking for that eye popping color dense style that is what you want to see.  A portfolio is where a photographer puts the work they feel represents them the very best.  If you want to change their very best to an entirely different style you might not get what you want.
  • What you want.  You should feel comfortable talking to the photographer and letting them know what you want and what you don’t want.  They aren’t mind readers and unless you let them know what you want you are likely to end up with their vision for you.  Sometimes people have unrealistic expectations too — communicating before hand is the best way to learn if what you want is realistic or not.  No one is going to make me some realistic looking teeny tiny model.  Just a tad unrealistic.  The kids will look like kids, Kaede’s smile is going to show crooked teeth.  It’s a photography session not a magic wand.
  • They don’t give out a high res CD.  The most beautiful pictures in the world are going to look like junk if printed by a junk printer.  I’ve opened prints of mine and been breathless for a minute with what specific printers have done with them.  Quality is in the details and one of those details is in printing.  It important to have someone value their work enough to follow it all the way through so that you have gorgeous art hanging on your walls, not just some CD with printing rights.  Screen resolution pictures so I can show you here, post on FB etc are an entirely different story — those just aren’t big enough to print.

I may come back and add to this, but I work tonight and need to find my way into bed.  Have a great day everyone.

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