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30 Days of Gratitude -- Days off together

We’ve been crazy busy at work lately and it has created all kinds of havoc on my schedule.  Working 12 hour night shifts makes it even worse because unless I have days off together it almost is like I didn’t have one off at all because I feel like I lose those days either recovering from nights or prepping for nights.  Today especially I am grateful for 2 days off in a row that is allowing me a full day of housework {okay, I’ll be grateful tonight when I can go to bed happy about what I’ve accomplished instead of frustrated about what didn’t get done}


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Four or five years ago a friend did a 30 Days of Gratitude photo challenge. Beautiful pictures with beautiful thoughts. Every year since then I’ve joined in (I don’t always do it perfectly, but I always try). Last year after I started posting them on Facebook as well I started to notice a lot of people were doing it as well (minus photos), I know there are a lot that do it through Flickr. The rules are simple, every day a picture with a blurb about why that picture is symbolic of something that I’m grateful for. We all know how well I do things that are daily with my schedule so I’m going to be using the delayed post feature on here fairly often but my challenge, my rules I can do what I want. I’d love to have you join along and I’m going to create a list of those participating so if you want in and want a gratuitous link to where you are posting let me know or leave a comment.

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