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Yes, yes I know.  Those of you who are my Facebook friends know that I am not into discussing politics at length in that forum.  You can also add in work, over a friendly lunch, school {unless it’s for Donna’s Politics and Policy class}  I have tried very hard to cut sources of contention out of my life and arguing over politics fits that category especially since I love to play Devil’s Advocate.  I doubt arguing and yelling has ever changed anyone’s opinion.

What I enjoy so much more than arguing over who should be president {really, I live in Utah — my presidential vote isn’t going to change anything} is local politics.  I went to the drug store today to pick up a couple of prescriptions and there was one of the candidates working behind the counter.  He called me by name, my needs and health (or current lack of) seemed to be most important to him right then.  I wished him luck today and he smiled and thanked me, mentioning he’ll be glad when today is over.  I’m not some prominent community member that everyone knows, and unless you frequent the local ICU chances are you don’t know who I am — but he does, by name.  Local politics is why I get out to vote.

I feel strongly that it’s important that everyone gets out and votes.  The political climate is becoming more volatile with each election cycle {yes, that’s just my perspective} and each opinion is important.  Let your opinion be heard by voting today.

Today, I am grateful for my right {and responsibility} to vote.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 6 -- Right to Vote


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