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My heart is breaking into a million pieces for several friends this morning and I’m struggling to find the words. Every one of my friends who is hurting so acutely today has been there for me when I’ve needed someone. I can hear the hurt in all of their voices, I sat at work and had to take a moment to collect my thoughts together because of their pain.

Today I’m grateful for the warmth that they’ve brought into my life at various places, the times I’ve seen their number come up on my caller ID and I just knew that in a few seconds everything was going to start to seem a little better. The times they’ve seen right through “I’m okay for now, I can deal with this all later” knowing that I needed something right then. I could write a small book about the numerous times they’ve been there when I needed it.

I pray for each of them that today they can feel some of the warmth they’ve given to me. What I wouldn’t give to be able to wrap it up in a box and take it to their doors. I love you all, please know that I mean it when I say “please let me know if there is anything, no matter how small that I can do for you”

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 13 -- Warmth


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