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I’m writing this early because tomorrow has the potential to be a little bit crazy.

I’m so very grateful for my family. Things haven’t always been smooth sailing for us, but the kids and I have stuck together and made it through {not that we’re to through yet, but we’ve made it…so far?} The importance of family and especially putting the kids needs before the rest of the world has had a new meaning for me the last few years. It’s not always easy and there are definitely times when you have to make choices between two {or more!} right choices or two wrong choices — praying that you will do what is best. It’s easy to let life become a barricade to what needs to happen to make it where you want to be with everyone’s sanity mostly intact.

 You may realize that pictures are important to me from snapshots, taking pictures, nice portraits, beautiful landscapes, shots of kids just being kids. {if not you don’t know me very well} This fall after I started back to work it became very important to me to have some nice family pictures taken. I have almost no pictures of me and the kids and have been on the lookout for our perfect photographer. No one locally was right for me. Well, until I happened across P&G Photography and the wonderful combined talents of Greg and Paul.

I’ve never been so completely happy with pictures when I’ve placed such an important meaning on them.  They are exactly everything I had dreamed about and I don’t think anyone else could have accomplished so much.  If you want to see the rest of our session you can find it here or give me a while and stop by the house and see what I’ve done in the front room to do the pictures justice.


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Early last spring {I really want to say it was around my birthday or shortly after} I started having regular lunches with a friend.  At first it was absolutely thrilling to be doing something for me.  Without kids coming along.  Somewhere along the way I realized that it wasn’t as thrilling but it had become very important.  No matter how ugly of a week I’ve had {or am looking at depending on what’s going on} I have an hour each Wednesday that I don’t stress about anything and I almost always spend most of it laughing.  It keeps me grounded with my feet under me. I’ve been known to work Tuesday night and Wednesday night and interrupt my sleep for lunch because it’s become that important.

Since I’ve been back to work our lunch spot is the Little Brick House.  Wednesday is likely to find us sitting in a side booth eating soup in a bread bowl. {really the booth should be ours — someone else was sitting there today and it completely threw me for a loop, fortunately they left before DiAnna showed up.  I wonder if left a tiny sign saying “Reserved for Wednesday 11 am” if they’d move it or not}  Their sandwiches are the best in town too, but I absolutely love their soup.  I’ve not had a soup I don’t like from there.The bread bowls are heavenly, but require a creamy soup not broth based so I prefer to go on a day I know there is a creamy soup — either potato bacon or clam chowder are perfect.

This is definitely the wrong time of year, but warmer weather may find us sitting at a bench in the park.  Lunch out this year had kept me going — pulled me out of a funk multiple times during my LOA when there wasn’t much else I could do, makes me smile when it feels like I have nothing to smile about, and lately when things have been going well it’s just a great time. Days like today when on the way home from lunch I’m interrupted with a sick kiddo call from school it makes all the difference when the rest of my plans suddenly go awry.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 14 -- Lunch with a Friend

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Wow, I don’t hurt today as much as I thought I would. Last night I was really sore, but part of that is the workouts we’ve been doing at work. Outsides of my legs/butt are sore, in a good way. Inside of my right leg is sore, much better when I keep it up and don’t move. Unfortunately moving it isn’t optional. Two 30 minutes walk each day and I’m not taking any time off. I plan on packing it in ice at work — I don’t have the ice packs with me here.

About 4 hours after my appt time I didn’t feel good at all.  Part of me blames the valium, but honestly I don’t think it was that.  Part of the ride home are foggy or missing from my memory {of course clear as day me getting dizzy and nauseated though} but the evening is bad.  Clearing everything out of my schedules on Tuesdays through Christmas.  Hopefully with my morning appts things will be a  little more normal by the time the kids come home from school.  Definitely a dinner in the crockpot kind of day though.

Over all, wasn’t too bad.  I did already put a run in the stockings and I think I’m just out of luck — fortunately it’s up high.

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