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This is one of those days that what I’m feeling inside is struggling to come out in words.  To describe how I feel, much less why I feel that way has been impossible and feels even more so tonight trying to write this post.  I sit here, tears building up and wishing I could just hand you a package and have you understand how I feel.  {and so goes many moments in my life}

When my home is filled with peace everything seems so clear, difficult and perhaps insurmountable but definitely clear, until I step away from the safety of home.  Work, school, bills, conflicts, friends and life seem to quickly muddy things up and difficult becomes overwhelming and confusing.  Which way is up?  How I do I move forward?  Am I drowning?  Why doesn’t life come with an instruction manual?
Well, turns out it does.  It just takes time, effort, and diligence.  Even with that when life hits hard it can still seem impossible and perhaps not even worth it.  I promise, it’s worth it.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 16 -- Scriptures

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