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Softball is a pretty big part of my life. I have very few memories of my summers not involving the smell of dirt and grass on the field, the crack of the bat when it connects. Several years it has been watching Charlet play {I’m sad that she said she doesn’t want to anymore — but it’s her decision and I’ll support her efforts in track} but my favorite is to be playing.

Planting your feet in the batter’s box, the feel of the ball flying after it connected with the sweet spot. {Not so much running the bases, but hey nothing is perfect and it’s not a far distance} Something about being on the field and playing the game clears my head putting everything back into perspective {yes even the base running part}.

 I’m not putting this down as a gratitude entry because while I am grateful for softball I am really sad that right now it’s not softball season or even a day I’d be able to bribe someone to pitch to me so I could hit a few balls and I promised myself I’d stay away from snarky, sarcastic gratitudes. I didn’t walk yesterday, spent the day sitting at the hospital with a very dear friend.

Perhaps a nice long walk this morning will help clear my head. I can pretend it’s warm outside.

{I can’t find the picture I wanted, so this one will have to do}

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