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What feels like forever ago when Michael was a baby and instead of living day by day we were going ounce by ounce never going more than 2 days without seeing a medical professional of some kind I came across a wonderful group of friends at DrGreene.com and an amazing amount of support from around the world.  I’d head off to an appointment at Primary Children’s and knew I had a group of friends with me “in my pocket” I learned how to be an advocate, which questions to ask, how to communicate my concerns, questions and wishes to his medical team from Monday night chats. Okay, there was a lot more than Monday nights but they were my favorite. Hmmm, maybe has something to do with me enjoying night shift now?

Technology has changed, social media has changed and now I quite literally still carrying around the same group of friends (plus a few others I’ve collected over time) in my pocket.  I’ve been known when I’m facing something that seems like I’m alone to take a deep breath and realize that I have a pocket full of support.  Cracked screen, worn out keyboard and all.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 18 -- Friends I carry around in my pocket


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Title as I wanted it? 30 Days of Gratitude Day 17 — Beautiful Sunsets errr Night ummm Evening Sky

I froze my fingers, toes, and bum off trying to get some nice sunset pictures, would have loved a night sky too and as long as I’m headed up the mountain why not make an evening of it, right?

It was cold, bitter wind that blew over my tripod {camera attached but fortunately around my neck} and my fingers and toes are still frozen hours later. Some lost pictures {yes, I could have prevented that one} and I am still grateful for our evening sky. Too many clouds to catch the sky on fire and definitely no starry nights. Next time I’m going up in the summer!

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 17 -- Evening Sky

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