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This one just so happens to be a part 2, watch for Sunday’s post for my philosophical ramblings.

I great big puffy heart rappelling.  On a bigger scale than softball when I’m rappelling all I’m thinking about is rappelling {really, I don’t want to go flying down because I was distracted thinking about something silly} and the adrenaline rush of falling backwards over a hill is wonderful.

I’ve never had to be belayed, until Friday when my right hand decided that it was through gripping just as I came over the edge where you start to free fall.  Those of you keeping track, my right hand is the one that hasn’t been operated on but had the more severe carpal tunnel.  Elbow was fine.  I’m fine {thanks again Kim for saving my life}  

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 23 -- Rappelling


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On the road…

Didn’t think about it but I should have pre-typed these up, phone posting leads to shortcuts not eloquence. Stay tuned for posts tomorrow night…

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