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This isn’t what I’d planned on writing today and I don’t have a picture or even a concept of a picture to go along with it but for now I don’t care.

I’ve posted before {this year and others} about my gratitude for various parts of the gospel.  Tonight I’m grateful for the church and the safety net of people automatically in place.  The friendships that grow from there are wonderful and having great neighbors helps, but knowing that a late night call can calm fears and give hope when needed — even if things aren’t dire is comforting {that warm fuzzy inside sort of comforting that I wish could last forever}  Tonight I’m grateful for people who answer the phone, those who pick up the phone and call when needed, those out there ready and waiting even if they’re never needed.


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It’s not the easy days that shape our character or carve beautiful landscapes out of the mountainside, it’s the tough days that you want to go hide under a blanket and don’t {or perhaps do for a while and then you get up and face the world with a brave face} That’s when we truly become who we are meant to be.{yes I was really cold.  The wind was blowing and my toes are finally just warming up}

This one really is worth clicking on it to see it bigger or even better, click here to see it in lightbox.  I promise, it’s worth it.

30 Days of Gratitude: Day 29 -- Tough Days (different edit)

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