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For those of you in the middle of nursing school, trying to get into nursing school, working on endless prerequisites for nursing school know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and no it’s not from a train.  It’s from the NCLEX and you will survive.  So will your patients.

I first felt like I was living in a tunnel just waiting to get out in nursing school.  It lasted for what seemed like an eternity.  The first semester with Lynn?  I felt like it was as long as the rest of schooling I’d done up until that point.  I was completely over “Utopia General” long before mid-term.

I’ve since come to realize that life is just a series of tunnels {trials really, some we get ourselves into like the nursing program and others we get put into kicking and screaming} that yes we can get through and we will be able to walk in the sunshine again.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 24 -- Light at the end of the tunnel


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This one just so happens to be a part 2, watch for Sunday’s post for my philosophical ramblings.

I great big puffy heart rappelling.  On a bigger scale than softball when I’m rappelling all I’m thinking about is rappelling {really, I don’t want to go flying down because I was distracted thinking about something silly} and the adrenaline rush of falling backwards over a hill is wonderful.

I’ve never had to be belayed, until Friday when my right hand decided that it was through gripping just as I came over the edge where you start to free fall.  Those of you keeping track, my right hand is the one that hasn’t been operated on but had the more severe carpal tunnel.  Elbow was fine.  I’m fine {thanks again Kim for saving my life}  

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 23 -- Rappelling

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On the road…

Didn’t think about it but I should have pre-typed these up, phone posting leads to shortcuts not eloquence. Stay tuned for posts tomorrow night…

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(picture to come later)

I am grateful for work.  Yes I’m {retro} posting this on Thanksgiving when I am required to work as a reminder to me that I am grateful for the opportunity to provide for my family.  The schedule isn’t perfect, but honestly no matter what the schedule I’d always be missing something, little things at school the kids want me there for to things like working the holidays.  My gratitude extends beyond just having something that I can do to bring home a paycheck but something that I {usually} enjoy doing, coworkers that I look forward to seeing, and being able to take pride in my profession.
Beyond employment I am grateful for a healthy {?!?!?} body that allows me to work, to haul wood, care for the animals, wash dishes {did I really just say I’m grateful for washing dishes?  Nope, grateful I have a body that can — important difference there} and work hard at playing hard.
P.S.  Picture will come, I just haven’t gotten one yet and I wanted to catch up from my mini road trip without skipping.
P.P.S  Ha!  It let me change the date, unless you’ve been following in real time you’d never know I’m behind.  

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A Day of Thanks

I find it interesting that on Thanksgiving, presumably the day that started the original 30 days I’m not posting a 30 days. I will make it up I promise.

Kids are with their Dad this weekend, I worked last night and tonight.  I got a decentish nap on Wednesday but I have realized and accepted I can’t cut my sleep short 2 days in a row much less 3 and I am planning on heading south tomorrow.  I seriously contemplated sleeping until 1 or 2 today then getting up and going to Beaver to eat with Russell which would have been fine time wise if everything was on schedule.  Anything not on schedule would have messed with the whole thing and I would have been rushing and stressed to make it back to work.

I am grateful I have a job that I enjoy, I am grateful that this year when I don’t have my family around me I was able to work so that others can be around theirs {and that I’m able to go in a little bit early so someone can leave early}, I’m grateful that I am actually working instead of stuck in town on call.  I’m grateful that being part of my family isn’t a major holiday or wedding type event, we’re family 365 days a year, this year 366.  Hopefully some leftovers will find their way to me this weekend.  If not I’m making turkey dinner next week!

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Someone once said that for art to exist there needs to be people who perform the talent and others who appreciate the talent {paraphrased from the depths of my mind somewhere}.  I fill that last roll very nicely,  my main musical talent is turning on the radio.  I’m wonderful at it, really.  It is on my bucket list to be able to play something other than the radio.  I’d be thrilled if I could sing.  Listening to music, most genres, really moves me though.  I can’t tell you much about it other than whether or not it stirs my soul and that’s enough for me.

Fortunately my kids have more talent than I do.  Charlet plays the flute, Michael the tuba, Kaede loves to sing and I hope chooses to participate in band as well {she doesn’t realize she’ll have to pick between band and choir in 6th grade though}.  
I didn’t have the time to play with as many angles and perspectives as I’d hoped for and I have to thank Greg for helping me bring my fuzzy idea into reality — even though it’s not exactly as I’d hoped yet.  I’ll play again another day.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 21 -- Music

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From new medical technology that saves lives to simple things like ibuprofen I’m grateful for what modern medicine has to offer, even if it doesn’t make a beautiful picture.

30 Days of Gratitude:  Day 20 -- Modern Medicine

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