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Christmas season is fully here.  Do you know how I know?  The Christmas Devotional was tonight so my mind has officially clicked into Christmas mode.  I’ve had Christmas music nearby since Thanksgiving, been mmmhmmm’ing and taking notes about everything the kids want while admiring the Christmas lights going up {go ahead, make fun of the bananas–I know I do} but it still didn’t feel like quite like Christmas until tonight.

I watched the devotional with a group of new friends, and it made me realize one more time that this year is going to be the best Christmas ever.  I don’t have a why for you, I didn’t come into lots of money, things aren’t magically all falling into place and going perfect, in fact it’s been a rough several weeks for me.  Except it’s Christmastime.

Two Christmases ago after a very trying and emotionally draining time Michael said “Mom, isn’t this the best Christmas ever?  Look at how many people there are who care about us!”  That year I realized that no matter how well prepared or ill prepared we are for Christmas to come Christmas Day is magical.  Last year I still managed to stress and worry despite some conscious efforts to just enjoy the magic of the season but this year feels different, I haven’t even once thought of myself as Scrooge or muttered “bah!  Humbug”  I’ve felt love and support from friends and neighbors, I’ve not stressed over the “can I have?” {no I don’t know how that happened} and I’ve just been able to breath a little.  I don’t know that the whole season will be this stress free but I’m not going to question it I’m just going to enjoy it.

Did you know that CCPD wont’ shut down traffic on main street just so I can take a picture?  {no, I didn’t ask — I also didn’t ask them to move deer crossing signs near school crossings either}  This isn’t the picture I wanted, but I’m waiting until next weekend when the kids are here to put up our tree so this is the picture you get.

Now, I’m going to go find the story about the barometer, we were having some technical difficulties.


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Home early from work and I realize that I’m missing my 30 days posts already and we’re only the first day into December.  Well, 1 day 20 minutes. So, here I am with a photo and thoughts running around in my head trying to make sense of each other and I find myself here.

I don’t know if it’s habit or if it’s how I’ve processed a difficult month that happens to be leaking into this month too?  Perhaps if I had someone to talk things through with late at night besides cyberland I would feel differently, but I don’t.  The end of 30 days project has me feeling a little lost too, not sure what voice and direction I want the post to go.  {Maybe I should have worked on a picture of a map?} 

I took this picture up the canyon at sunset {yes, I know you are shocked} and toes cold enough that I still shiver a little looking at the picture.  Having never been to a tropical island my experience with beautiful skies is that the stormier, colder, windier that things are the more beauty there is to be found.  It was tempting to sit inside the car having my toes warmed by the heater but it was prettier in the cold — yes even a few feet make a big difference.  I wish I was as good at seeing the beauty in my storms as I am seeing the beauty in a stormy sky.  Also worth viewing it in lightbox


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