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I never, ever finish up The Great Big Giant List of Everything That Must Be Done (TGBGLETMBD).  Ever.  It’s more of a wish list than reality and I’m okay with how that goes.  A few years ago I realized looking back that no matter how unready for Christmas I was when Christmas Day finally came everything was just fine.  Family, fun, some special holiday magic and I never worried about what I didn’t get done.

This year I think I’m going for a record of how much gets undone and I don’t have a really good reason — or even a really bad reason.  I’m trying to let it go knowing how everything will work out in the end but I don’t even have TGBGLETMBD to drop things off of as time, money, and energy run out.  I haven’t felt my typical Christmas Scroogey self this year — until this week when the reality of working 7 out of the last 8 nights, money, time, and wishlists all came crashing together in a colossal bang {maybe that’s what happened to my kitchen?!?}  I’m exhausted today and flaked out on some obligations and I sit here fighting back sleep at 7:30.

The sting of being a single Mom at Christmas hit me hard today too.  I enjoy planning out Christmas with someone.  Talking about what to get, trying to find something special for everyone and working on my yarn project of the year getting feedback on how it looks.  That doesn’t happen by yourself and has always been one of my “I wish my life were like” dreams.

Halfway through Christmas day the kids go with their Dad until they go back to school on the 7th.  I’m looking forward for a chance to get the house caught back up,tackle the laundry monster, perhaps work on my front room walls again.

Christmas Ornaments 2009


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