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If you know me well at all for the last several years you have probably heard me talk about Finding Peace, Happiness, and Joy by Richard G. Scott.  Whether by name or just as “the book” and I know of a few times without a reference at all.  I have a 2 year old paperback copy that is flagged, highlighted, written in, journaled about and in general looks very well loved.  It’s gotten me through some tough times with what seems like a small amount of grace intact instead of feeling like not only the rug but my entire world has been pulled out from under me.

It’s been ignored on my bookshelf for a while, until I pulled it out tonight.  I know from how the book flops open and from the multitude of highlights and flags that pg 102 has been very powerful for me many times and tonight that is where it fell open to and this passage stood out, so much that it’s the only part I read tonight.

Have you ever had the feeling that the walls are closing in, that you are not in control, and that you simply can’t do it?  Those feelings of frustration are not from the Lord.

Being a public blog I’m not going to share the full extend of how much those sentences mean to me tonight but I did want to come and share it.  It’s not your typical “Merry Christmas!” message, but this hasn’t been a typical Merry Christmas year for me either.  I do hope that everyone was able to find moments of peace this holiday season and took time to enjoy things for what they are, not what you wanted them to be.


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