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I was reading Single Dad Laughing and for the life of me I can’t find the post or remember much of what it was because I was distracted by my own thoughts.  As best I can do, he was talking about not doing {whatever} because it doesn’t lead to second dates.  Initially I thought what a great perspective in the dating world, looking beyond a first date at a second date.  Then I jokingly laughed and thought about how optimistic it was here in middle of nowhere Utah as a single parent, seems like thinking about dating is as close to a second date as it’s going to get.

From there I took it to life.  I hope that I’m preparing not for a first date, for now, for the opportunity to prove myself but for beyond.  What will happen after I’ve proven myself, after I’ve passed the test, after dinner goes beyond a rescue call.  The times I’ve been in a first date state of mind things haven’t gone very well for very long.  I’m trying to prepare for life.  For what will come after the first date of the rest of my life.


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