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Pumpkin Thief

We had several (>6) giant pumpkins at Gromps’ and a bunch of normal pumpkins. I don’t know about the normal pumpkins but the one giant pumpkin that was hiding under the apple tree is the only one there last night. Poof, missing. 

We still have enough to share since I’m likely not going to have time to can pumpkin but seriously?!?  I had plans for the pumpkins that didn’t involve the big ones disappearing. 

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Project Update–Day 7

I will be tired forever. Russell is coming with Dad tomorrow!  I’d happy dance if I had the energy.  Neighbors came over today and picked up all the old shingles plus some other driveway junk. Saved me a day that I’d have been on my own.

I work tomorrow night, again, then out of town on Sunday. I haven’t looked past Sunday yet. 
Today we cleaned up the west side and shingled up to the vent level. I don’t have a picture of the west side, but here’s and up to date north side. That’s how high the west side is. We’re short shingles because we were told 3 bundles to a square but each bundle covers 25 square feet. Dad will work that out tomorrow though. I doubt anything will be delivered before Monday though. 

Having the roof as done as it is makes me want to paint even more. Like there is time before it gets too cold?!?  

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It’s tough. Really tough regardless of circumstances. You take babies and in not enough years hope and pray that you have taught them everything they need to know to be kind and loving adults. Then you take the sweet sounding version of parenting and you come home from a 14 hour shift to nail polish spilt on the table, hungry kids who haven’t had a chance to tell you how their day was because when they tried to call when you are normally off you were talking to a doc and couldn’t answer. Laundry that is covering the couch waiting to be folded, dishes that need to be washed.

And tomorrow?  Tomorrow you roof. 
I see families who seem to have it all together and I just wonder how. I have a 5 minute drive from work and it’s not long enough to decompress. All of today is still buzzing around me. Did I do all I could do?  I was busy today but did I do my very best? 
When asked about roofing through yesterday’s winds Dad said something along the lines of well, the roof has to be done, I’m going to CA soon and we don’t have the luxury of time. We will do what has to be done because it needs to be done not because it’s convenient. I’ve enjoyed working with Dad on the roof, it’s nice to think and to take Dad’s simple comments and expand it. Parenting is a series of “have to” and often the most critical of the have to things come at the most inconvenient of times. Nail polish on the table after a 14 hour shift and no dinner in the crockpot and needing to shove aside today’s worry and listen to how the field trip went and plans for Homecoming game. 
All difficult and inconvenient. When everyone is in bed and then I want to talk no one is here.  Single parenting is hard, every single day — some more than others, some more lonely than others, almost always overwhelming.  

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Today was windy. Very windy. 
Lick all the Chapstick with sunscreen in it off your lips kind of windy. Nice and sunny though. The spots I had hives swell up on me are blistered on top of burned, my cowlick is burned, my face is burned and blistered, my lips are hideously blistered. I’m quite the sight. Do as I say not as I do style of nursing. 
My body still aches but in light of Dad’s time before he goes on a work trip being limited I’ve stopped hauling old shingles to the dumpster and have been up on top. My aches are more specific and sleeping at night instead of working is great for exhaustion levels. 
The corner of the eaves is now fixed, the front part of the roof that is over the front room facing south is done to the ridge cap, side facing east is about a bundle short of reaching to the top ridge cap. Most of the work around the chimney is done but that’s not something I can help with much.
I’m feeling less shaky up there, maybe I’ve gotten my roof legs?  I work tomorrow so if anyone wants to hang out on the roof with my Dad that would be great. 
We found some abandoned homes from the year the wasps were so thick around the long gone shrub that grew into the eaves. 

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Thursday evening I found out that Project: New Roof was starting on Friday. The next day Friday not this upcoming Friday. 

Friday day I was able to cat nap inbetween dumpster delivery, shingle shopping, roof measuring and the excitement of “wahoo! New roof!”  Worked Friday night and got home 7 am Saturday  (12.5 hours of RN work) and slept for four-ish hours, then started pitching shingles into the dumpster. I’d planned on staying on the ground and relatively clean. 
Then the wind blew tar paper loose and Dad needed a hammer and me to bring it to him. So much for “clean” even by the most liberal definitions. However, scrapping shingles off the roof was much easier than tossing them into the dumpster from the driveway. I stayed in the roof playing with shingles instead of getting my before work catnap. (5 hours of roofing work)

Back to work for an extended shift (14 hours RN work) came home in time to change out of scrubs and into a dress for church. Even through Sacrament Meeting I was so tired I kept wondering why I didn’t just go home and sleep. I didn’t because of a conversation I had afterwards. Absolutely worth the exhaustion and just the pick me up I’ve been needing for a few weeks now.  Made it home to fall into bed and sleep until 2 pm (3 hours sleep time). Find out I’m on call Sunday night (oh sweet tender mercy) so I force myself out of bed and commit to not using the free time to catch up on chores. The few hours I had Sunday afternoon and evening were very refreshing and greatly needed. I manage to catch up on sleep with 7 more hours if sleep time. Up early this morning to get sandwich supplies, drinks, mow a strip through the weeds for shingles to land on and protect my flower bed (3 hours miscellaneous stuff) to climb up on the roof around 9. I didn’t go back up after the front of the house was cleaned off because I was unburying my flowers, they’re okay 🙂
I stopped at about 6:30. (9.5 hours roofing time). I am so tired and fortunately have a few errands to run tomorrow that will give me a little break, except Dad is still going to be on the roof without me here. 
My arms and back muscles are so crazy sore, my room smells of IcyHot and of course I can’t reach the sorest spots. Single Mom problems for sure. 
I feel ibuprofen kicking in, I’m going to go crash. Have a good night everyone!  

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I am having a slow start to this morning, my body moaning at me that the muscles used to roof are entirely different than the muscles used on the busiest night of being a nurse. I need to get up and get going, shingles are all over the south side of the house and I need to mow down the weeds and try to find a way to protect my front flowers.   I know Dad will be here soon. 

The dumpster!  Yay!

Mid day on day one. Lots of work done that doesn’t get a picture. Like measuring etc. 

I have been working nights this weekend so more work is done after my “end of” pictures. 
“End of” day one

Hmmm no end of day two pictures. I will have to run out and get one before we start. 
From the roof looking down. Scrapping is more fun than throwing shingles into the dumpster. 

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I don’t even really have much to say other than “argh! Really?!?”  So much to do and I can’t. I’m hoping for some near miraculous speedy healing tonight. I have to go to the bank, the debit card for the business account was hacked so I have to go file some disputes. Kudos to the fraud department for stopping it so quickly though.  The garden, the one turning into a thing of nightmares. My house has to have some attention given to it as does the flower beds at the apartment. I actually need to mess with the sprinkler system in the beds (yes really) and put up a rent sign.  Sack dinners have to be packed. Volcanoes need to be started, homework nudging. How am I suppose to do anything with homework when I haven’t gotten home until 8?  At that point hearing “it’s all done” is enough even though things like volcanoes and book reports exist. 

Except I can’t. Well the bank will likely happen either way but my foot needs to be up and elevated. I think I’m seeing the results of stress on my body and I can’t remove the stress so I take a deep breath and hear Grandpa’s voice tell me “chin up Buttercup”

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