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I don’t even really have much to say other than “argh! Really?!?”  So much to do and I can’t. I’m hoping for some near miraculous speedy healing tonight. I have to go to the bank, the debit card for the business account was hacked so I have to go file some disputes. Kudos to the fraud department for stopping it so quickly though.  The garden, the one turning into a thing of nightmares. My house has to have some attention given to it as does the flower beds at the apartment. I actually need to mess with the sprinkler system in the beds (yes really) and put up a rent sign.  Sack dinners have to be packed. Volcanoes need to be started, homework nudging. How am I suppose to do anything with homework when I haven’t gotten home until 8?  At that point hearing “it’s all done” is enough even though things like volcanoes and book reports exist. 

Except I can’t. Well the bank will likely happen either way but my foot needs to be up and elevated. I think I’m seeing the results of stress on my body and I can’t remove the stress so I take a deep breath and hear Grandpa’s voice tell me “chin up Buttercup”

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