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A friend just sent me this on Pinterest and it’s the perfect Kaede meme. She has an amazing perspective on just about everything. She loves easily, forgives readily, her smile can brighten the darkest day. 
She is blessed to have perspective that most do not. Several summers ago Kaede came running inside ecstatic because we are the luckiest people on our block. She pulled me outside to show me why. Our yard was full of wishes!  Aren’t they beautiful?  Aren’t we so lucky?  
Sometimes I have to directly reframe my perspective and often it takes me a while to internalize the new perspective but it does work, if only it came as easily to me as it does Kaede. Fortunately I have a good example to show me how. 
Even now if you show Kaede a picture of a dandelion and ask “what’s this?” Her answer will be “a wish”.

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