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I am very grateful for the right to vote. One thing I struggle with is when people don’t vote on years like this because “it’s not a big election this year”. Really?  Maybe people out of this area won’t know who gets elected but you know what?  I know our city council, they’re more approachable and one of them I call often for various reasons and would have no problem calling him if I was wondering something or wanted to voice my opinion on a current issue.   I’ve talked about state level politics and given my support while at the pharmacy picking up prescriptions. 
Maybe it’s not a big election but this year I voted for (okay it was more against) who I did because I know them. There is no trying to weigh the bias from different media sources, there is knowing that someone is who they present themselves to be or alternatively knowing that someone will say or do whatever makes them look best at the moment. 
The RAP tax won’t cause any earthshaking media stories, but if you use and are grateful for the programs they support maybe you should go vote for it. And as long as I’m on my soapbox maybe you shouldn’t in the same breath complain about the RAP tax and be excited for the ice rink. RAP funds are a huge part of why we’re getting the rink. 
On a smaller scale I’m grateful for my neighbors right to have Christmas lights up already (yes, they are turned on) and even more grateful for my right to blog about how crazy it is to have Christmas lights on when it’s the first week of November. 
I hope you went out and voted today, at least minimally informed about what you were voting for, and I also hope you don’t yet have Christmas lights on.

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